Dress code, or you know that formal dress to wear?

oXyShop Fashion - Dress code, or you know that formal dress to wear?    From time to time it happens to each of us. On the table will land us an invitation to the official event at which they are required formal dresses and other festive attire. Still, it is usually written such an invitation, what clothes are at a similar event, and we expect this we can easily choose a formal dress, cocktail dress or costume. But what about all these terms like "white tie" or "ultra-formal"?

Also, you sometimes feel that your wardrobe is too narrowly based? Yes, of course there are many pieces suitable to work with children in nature, and a friend in the city. Let us admit, however, that each of us will ever happen, we have to go somewhere where you normally do not go in there and most unlikely moment we realize that actually have nothing to wear. Your new partner loves balls and dresses, while you were at a ball last sometime in the middle. How would you like to share his enthusiasm, but still nevyrazíte in graduation suit. This is the situation.

To be a true lady? Then you should not miss, besides the selected methods or proper dresses. Do you go to the theater in jeans? At the opening of the shirt? So it is high time to study several rules of suitable dress. When it's D-Day and invite you to come to the cream, you do not panic and fish out of the closet exactly what a given occasion requires.

Choose the right dress according to the occasion is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Just know a few simple tricks and rules to decipher the correct variant dresses and avoid embarrassing faux-pas. Art properly and appropriately dress is not available in our latitudes too widespread. And yet it is so easy.

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