Tie. What is it used for? A few tips on how to wear it

oXyShop Fashion - Tie. What is it used for? A few tips on how to wear it    The tie is purely decorative recent feature since the days when it was created. From a practical point of view (in addition to meeting social demands) I honestly do too much. Even so, we should pay attention. Maybe because it can be that imaginary icing on the cake. Simply underlines the personality of its owner. And together with the watch only truly macho accessory.

Original function ties, or at least its immediate predecessor in the form of tied scarf, was decidedly different nature. Whether the purely practical, as in ancient Rome, when a soldier to protect against the cold, or rather a status as China's terracotta army soldiers.

The alleged emergence words tie binds to the Thirty Years War, when the ranks of the French army served a large number of Croatian mercenaries. They complement your uniforms used the scarf with small knot tied around his neck. Scarf gave them a farewell their girls to his beloved lost in combat. His color was mostly a red scarf itself very soon attracted the attention of French soldiers who complement the uniforms of their comrades began to wear well. And that's not inventing the title of its new add-too complex, started calling him simply croates (from the French forest croates - Croats, Ed. Ed.). Over time, then the word has become known today tie in French called la cravate.

From France the habit of wearing neckties spread rapidly throughout Europe. In Britain, gentlemen tied a scarf so thoroughly that they could hardly move his head. In France ends ties presage a little longer and regulate the manner reminiscent of today's tying bow tie. Over time, the ends of the scarf presage increasingly longer. Half joking and half from a purely practical point of view (to tie wearers' falling into the soup ") developed tie clips.

Cows that your appearance preserved almost to the present day, it was at the time of the industrial revolution, more precisely in the sixties of the nineteenth century. Instead of a long scarf tied around his neck was somehow historically desirable to have an increased rate of production of industrial goods also accelerated the actual binding ties.


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